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Welcome my Cloud Native friend! 👋

Why Does The Dev Coach Exist?

If the question is: “What does a software engineer need to know about engineering in the cloud?”… then this website is the answer.

The world of software engineering shifted in the past 10 years, and cloud technologies are dominant. Which has massively changed how software engineering works, and you’ll need to learn fast if you want to keep up.

Cloud Native Academy

This website isn’t like most others. So let me show you how things work…

Every week, I publish new articles on different cloud engineering topics. And every month I publish The Cloud Engineering Newsletter which rounds up the important news and to round-up all month’s articles.

All the articles are categorised under a pillar of Cloud Engineering, with their own “Ultimate Guide” page (e.g. Serverless, Infrastructure As Code, Containers). The ultimate guides can simply be read, or alternatively emailed to you as part of the corresponding course.

And all these categories align to become The Cloud Native Academy. Your full, comprehensive, start-to-finish guide through Cloud Engineering.

Where To Start?

So if you’re now wondering where to start, I’d highly recommend signing up to the newsletter as that will give you continued updates.

When you’re signed up then you can go right ahead and dive into one of the ultimate guides (I would recommend Serverless).

And if you have any questions, feel free to send them over.

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Alternatively you can dive into any article that grabs your fancy. They’re all here, broken down by category…

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