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Welcome my Cloud Native friend! 👋

My name is Lou.

The question is: “What does a software engineer need to know about engineering in the cloud?”… and this website is the answer.

The world of software engineering shifted in the past 10 years, and cloud technologies are dominant. Which has massively changed how software engineering works, and you’ll need to learn fast if you want to keep up.

This website tackles cloud engineering education in two ways…

1. Cloud Engineering Fundamental Articles — Articles about core topics and getting deep into them. All in a practical, real-life way; so not so much to-do list apps, or image resizing examples but real world cloud engineering, focused on the important parts, like: Infrastructure-As-Code, Serverless and Containers.

2. A Monthly Newsletter — Keeping up-to-date is the challenge once you have the skill. But it can be overwhelming with so many sources to go to. That’s why every 2 weeks, the Cloud Native Software Engineering Newsletter is sent out with the latest articles, and updates from the industry.

So if you’re looking to dive in, I’d strongly recommend starting with one of the three ultimate guides: Containers, Serverless and Infrastructure-As-Code. Or alternatively you can dive into any one of the posts, as they’re all here, broken down by category…

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