My (HIGHLY!) recommended courses to learn cloud engineering

Courses are a great way to learn different cloud concepts. Here I’ll take you through some of the best courses that I’ve found that cover the different cloud topics. As always, I don’t recommend anything I haven’t bought / used myself.

For Serverless Framework: “Serverless Framework Bootcamp: Node.js, AWS & Microservices”

Serverless Framework Course

Serverless Framework is a very popular way to deploy serverless functions in the cloud. It works across all the different cloud platforms and makes deploying and working with serverless really easy. Personally, I like it most for proof-of-concepts or smaller applications, but it can grow to more complicated scenarios due to it’s extensibility and plugin framework.

This course is by my friend and ex-colleague, Ariel who spent quite a lot of time building serverless functions with serverless framework, in the wild, soΒ  you know it’s the real thing. The course is also highly rated on Udemy, and lots of students have taken it.

If you’re in the market to pick up some serverless skills, Serverless Framework Bootcamp (check out the current price on Udemy) would be a really great place to start.

For Lambda (Advanced): “Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!”

Learn You Some Lambda Course

I don’t hesitate to recommend any of Yan Cui’s work.

Yan has worked in the trenches of Serverless for a long time. Just go check out his track record of conference talks (warning: it may make you feel bad about your own work ethic!).

Yan’s course is not really a beginners guide, but more a set of best practices learned from doing serverless in the real world.

So if you’re interested in learning about real world serverless best practices, I can highly recommend you check out Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good (check out the current price on Udemy) .