My (Highly!) Recommended Resources For Your First AWS Exam

If you’re just starting out with AWS and thinking of taking an AWS certification, there are a headache-inducing amount of options available to you. But if the idea of spending hours researching instead of—you know—actually learning doesn’t sound that appealing to you, here are my top recommendations for beginners looking to take an AWS certification.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I don’t think it’s essential that you pay for any resources to pass your AWS exam—however, paid resources can give you things like nice structure in your learning so I do recommend it if you have the cash, but just know that it’s not essential, so don’t feel pressured!

The Udemy Course I’d Recommend

I’ll just come right out and share with you my top pick course for the AWS certification, then I’ll get into the details of why shortly after, my recommended course for a beginner looking to take an AWS certification is:

Stephane Mareeks Cloud Practitioner Course (check out the current price on Udemy).

Okay, but why is this course my top pick?

Why Cloud Practitioner? If you didn’t know already, the AWS exams are broken down into different tiers, with the foundational exam being this exam, the cloud practitioner. It’s the best introductory AWS exam no matter your background. The associate exams are also a good choice, but if I’m pushed to recommend one exam, cloud practitioner is the clear winner, not the associates.

Why Stephane Mareek? I didn’t just pick any course, Stephane is the highest-rated instructor for AWS certifications on Udemy, Stephane knows what he’s talking about. Stephane has also got many other courses on Udemy, so if you like this one, you can go and take another. Stephane’s name comes up time and time again when I’m reading through forums (go look for yourself, you’ll see what I mean), so it’s not just me who thinks his courses are high quality.

Why Udemy? There are lots of membership platforms out there that are worth checking out. But as a top recommendation, Udemy is the best single choice. Why? Because Udemy is a one-time payment, which allows you to practice for your exam in your own time, and that’s easier to budget for.

That’s why my one big pick for an AWS certification course is: Stephane Mareeks Cloud Practitioner Course (check out the current price on Udemy).

The Practice Exams I’d Recommend

If I was going to recommend a really great additional resource for passing the AWS certification exams, that’d be a practice exam from Jon Bonso (check out the current prices of his courses on Udemy).

Why Jon Bonso? Jon has put together some seriously good practice exam packages that have helped many exam takers over time. As with Stephane Mareek, Jon’s name comes up time and time again, so it’s not just a personal recommendation.

Why practice exams? This isn’t a course, it’s a set of practice exams. Practice exams are a great way to validate your knowledge and build your confidence before you take the leap to take your AWS exam. You don’t need to take any practice exams, but it’s very common to, and it can greatly increase your chances of passing the first time.

And that’s why my top pick for an additional resource for passing the AWS certifications would be a set of practice exams from Jon Bonso (check out the current prices of his courses on Udemy).

And that’s it, really, if you’re looking to take an AWS exam, these are the two main resources I’d recommend. Of course, there are many other options if you want to shop around, but I’ve been researching the best ways to pass AWS exams for quite some time—so take it from me—these are your best options.