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Learning and keeping up with cloud software engineering is hard. I created this website to help you learn and
keep up-to-date with cloud engineering.

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About Me, Lou πŸ‘‹


Hey, I’m Lou: a software engineer fascinated by what we can create using cloud tech.

The cloud is always changing, and I always found it difficult to keep up. After growing
frustrated tryig to find high quality, down-to-earth content I started making it myself!

It’s my aim that following the website feels like having a (let’s be honest, mega keen) friend who likes to
keep you up-to-date on on all things cloud software engineering.

I publish an article every week and publish a newsletter every month.

Latest Articles πŸ—ž

  • Best Resources For AWS Certifications: An Extensive & Opinionated Guide (So You Pass The First Time!) January 25, 2021
    When it comes to passing your AWS certification, it’s one of those “1000 open chrome tab” type situations, right? There’s just so many different options available that it can make your head hurt: from books to Udemy courses. I’ve been writing about cloud for years, and after taking and passing the exams myselfβ€”which also included searching ...
  • How Much Do AWS Certifications Cost? Including All The Extras January 15, 2021
    If you’re looking to take an AWS exam, you’re going to want to know how much it’s going to cost, right? If you do, you’re in the right place. After spending a ton of time researching, and taking the exams myself, I’m going to talk you through not only what the exams cost, but what ...
  • In Serverless, Who Sets Up The Environment? What You Do & Don’t Have Access To January 11, 2021
    If you’re coming into the world of Serverless, especially if you’ve worked in a server-based world, you can end up confused about who exactly “sets up the environment in serverless”, and how the environment in Serverless works. The whole Serverless ecosystem can be dauntingβ€”it definitely was for me when I started. At the end of this ...