Lou — Software Engineer AND Product Builder

Hey there, I’m Lou.

I’m a Software Engineer and Product Building nerd currently based in London.

I currently work for DAZN.

The Story Behind The Dev Coach…

Okay, enough about my projects, what about this website, The Dev Coach.

The Dev Coach was born out of my own frustrations…

I have worked with many small businesses and start-ups trying to be agile. But for all these businesses, writing software was super stressful, our deployments were super scary and the code would blow over with a gentle breeze.

I remember thinking there must be a better way to build software. And there is. The secret sauce is: a combination of lean-startup assumption based testing for your product, a focus on short feedback loops, flexible architecture and code and liberal application of automation (what is known as: shift left).

But I am simplifying here.

Implementing it is much harder than it sounds.

This website is all about achieving high performing technology companies.

But, how is it any different to other software blogs? Because I try really hard to make this as engaging and real as possible for you, the reader. I read the best books I can get my hands on — tear them apart — throw away what doesn’t work and write up the best bits on this blog for you. As little theory and as much practical as possible.

If you’re ready to jump in, I can recommend these articles as a start:

My Projects

Here are some of the products that I’m working on right now…

Hacktopia helps software teams own their own hiring process. Imagine if recruitment software were built by developers for developers. With Hacktopia you give you a product that allows you to inspect and adapt your recruitment process just as you would your development workflow.

Splitoo is a recurring payments platform. With Splitoo you can be as advanced as to setup and share hassle-free recurring payments for your business (like a PT, or a guitar teacher). Or you could just use it to share your Netflix subscription with your mum…

Writing & Speaking

I am a freelance writer for Hit Subscribe and a guest contributor to Simple Programmer. If you want to chat about how content marketing can help you market your tech product or website, get in touch (contact@louisjohnbichard.co.uk). And you can see some samples of my freelance writing here and here.

I’m now looking to increase the amount of public speaking I’m doing. Below are a couple of talk topics:

Trunk Based DevelopmentCode reviews are evil. They slow product teams down and erode trust. The entire tech industry is deluded into thinking they’re achieving true Continuous Integration, but they’re not. If you’re not doing TBD, you’re not doing CI.

How To Build A Challenger Bank — I built Splitoo on the Stripe connect eco-system and the fundamental system is just ~100 lines of code. Stripe is the secret weapon that challenger banks have been using to get to market in lightening speed. Find out how.

Get in touch if you run a meet-up / conference.

For speaking, contact me on: contact@louisjohnbichard.co.uk

Let’s stay in touch!

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