A little about me. But a lot about what you will get from this website.

You’re in the right place if…
You want to know how to build digital products.
Or you are currently building digital product.
… whether that’s for yourself OR the company you work for.


Hello and Welcome — I’m Lou.

I’m a Javascript Programmer, Consultant, Writer and Product Builder.
And I am obsessed with digital products — such as websites and apps.
For years I have built web applications for the companies I worked for.
A few years ago, on a sunny afternoon I was hacking together a demo for a job interview when I had a realisation… I could now build my own products and I could do it fast.
So I set about trying to solve real problems by building digital products. But, it wasn’t that simple. Building the product is only 10% of it …
Finding the right market, validating the idea and even (seemingly unrelated) areas like my motivations were all more important than I first realised.
Not only did I need to work on the products, I needed to work on myself.
Fast forward to the present day and I’m still building products — but this time I’m doing it differently.
All my failures and everything I learnt has now been helping me grow my products: Hacktopia and Splitoo.
I’m also slowly pouring all of my knowledge in an open-source online book called Digital Product Degree


This website is about outcomes. Products that deliver real results for real people.
Whether you work for someone else or you want to build your own product — if the goal is to create products that have impact you’re in the right place.
I write every week to help you build the practical skills you need in these areas of building digital products. 

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A quick note on affiliates

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I’m totally upfront about this. I never recommend something I wouldn’t or haven’t already bought myself.
If you do buy something I recommend, if you use a link from this website, I’ll see a small kickback from the purchase which helps me maintain and continue my work.
Thanks in advance!

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