My name is Lou.

This website is a collection of thoughts on some inter-related topics: Careers, Finance, Fitness and Technology. If I were to define a common theme it would be: Figuring things (read: life) out.

But — more specifically — what I write about is:

Technology — I’ve been creating software for eight years now. I’m most interested in how we approach creating software and what goes into creating high-quality products. I also write about the ups, downs and experiments of building my own product: Splitoo.

Personal Finance — At twenty three I started a property investment business. I also invest in different ways and like to share how I think about and experiment with money.

Personal Health & Fitness — Since nineteen I’ve been a competitive Weightlifter & Powerlifter. But more recently I’m spending my time with my butt on a road bike saddle.

Careers & Personal Development — I often find myself reading and talking about careers so I turn the best conversations I have into posts. I was a technology mentor for years and I currently freelance write about technology topics.

Misc — The other stuff I’m into: motorbikes, philosophy, reading and playing music. Hopefully someday I’ll be writing about learning woodwork and taking apart Motorbikes and Cars.

Running this website can take a lot of time, so if you’d be willing to support me you can do so by subscribing for updates, leaving a comment on a post or sending me an email with a question you have. Any or all of these would mean the world to me, so thank you.

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