How to — build a world-class software delivery company.

Hey there, I’m Lou.

I’m a Software Engineer from London and I’m a software and culture nerd.

By day I work for a digital consultancy called AND Digital and I work primarily with businesses to help them implement and improve their technology (and processes that surround it).

I also have two product businesses of my own: Hacktopia and Splitoo.

The Story Behind The Dev Coach…

This website was born out of my frustration.

Early on in my career I had worked for some smaller companies and start-ups trying to be agile. Writing software was super stressful, and it felt like the work we did was very low quality.

I found myself thinking “there must be a better way”. I’d heard of ideas like DevOps, continuous integration / delivery, the testing pyramid, emergent architecture etc.

But I couldn’t really see how they all fit together…

It was very frustrating, to say the least.

It wasn’t until years later, consulting with other businesses that I came across the better way I was searching for.

And so I started writing…

What is this website about?

Simply put, this website is about: delivering software better.

And I believe in the power of automation to deliver our software.

I’ll take you through everything you need to know to transform your current company into a world class software delivery organisation. We’ll cover everything from test automation to deployments and from cloud and infrastructure to build pipelines.

There are plenty of topics we’ll need to know…

Keep in touch

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I’m always keen to know what problems you’re facing — I want to help you to deliver software better. If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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