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Welcome my Cloud Native friend! 👋

My name is Lou.

Why Cloud Native Software Engineering?

You might be wondering why all this talk about Cloud Native?

And the short answer is: Cloud is the future of Software Engineering — whether you like it or not.

Technology companies are becoming more aware of the powers that Cloud Native Software Engineering brings. These companies are metaphorically leaning-in and embracing cloud technology. They’re not afraid of the so called vendor lock-in and they’re not afraid to give their Software Engineers the freedom required to do their job really well. It’s a very exciting time.

But for software engineers, there’s a hurdle. Cloud technology is really difficult and requires more knowledge and skills than ever. Cloud Native engineers need to know: Infrastructure-As-Code, Serverless and Containers to name just a few. And to make matters more complicated, these technologies keep changing quickly, too.

So what’s the solution — how do we keep up? In two ways…

  1. Focus On Fundamental Skills — Focusing on fundamental skills allows us to pick up newer technologies faster. Learning the underlying principles makes keeping up with newer technologies easier. And that’s precisely what I do here, share content related to the tried-and-true ideas, concepts and principles that you need to know.
  2. Staying up-to-date — Once we’ve got skills it’s important to keep up on the important latest things. Getting up to speed can be hard, staying there is easier. And that’s why I write a bi-weekly Cloud Native Software Engineering Newsletter that will keep you in the loop.

Want To Be Involved?

If becoming a Cloud Native Software Engineer is a goal of yours, you’re in the right place.

I write multiple times a week on the fundamental topics of Cloud Native — so stick a bookmark on the website, follow the RSS on Feedly, and sign up to the bi-weekly Cloud Native Software Engineering Newsletter which covers Cloud Native news and fundamental topics.

Looking For A Place To Start?

I’d recommend starting with one of the three ultimate guides on Containers, Serverless and Infrastructure-As-Code if you want to check those out.

Or alternatively here are all of the posts, broken down by category.

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