Welcome Cloud Native friend! 👋 My name is Lou.

For a long time the site didn’t have many personal details — so here I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself! But if you were after the “what is this site about” stuff you probably want to check out the start here page instead.

Where I’ve worked.

I was born and raised in Yorkshire in the UK and studied at Loughborough University. I moved to London when I took my first software job. I had no intentions of staying very long— but hey — one thing leads to the next and now I’ve now been here for 7 years.

I started my career working at a SaaS company (building local government web app stuff). It was around that time that I figured being a software engineer wasn’t so bad. And so I moved to a start-up after that building data visualisation software.

Wanting a change, I worked with a consultancy and worked with lots of different FTSE100 companies. And at the same time I also got the chance to run a lot of different formal training (which I absolutely loved doing). Currently though I work for DAZN on their developer experience (DX) team.

Freelance Writing & Blogging.

I started writing a few years ago purely for the fun of it. I soon realised the power writing had in clarifying my own thoughts and helping me to learn. I followed the thread some more and ended up freelance writing on different tech topics and starting this website.

Building SaaS Apps.

I’ve always had an inclination to build things, physical and digital. A couple of years back I built a web app called The Lifting Academy, which was like Trip Advisor for weightlifters. Around the same time I also launched another app, called Hacktopia — which applied the ideas of lean to the recruitment process.

Eventually though I had to cut both projects due to personal constraints. One Saas app did survive though which is splitoo.com — a finance app which helps people split recurring costs, which returns a fairly modest revenue.

Weightlifting, Cycling & Guitar.

I have been into weightlifting and powerlifting for over a decade now and I competed a lot in the past. For now I don’t do as much competing. I’m also trying to figure out how I can continue to do endurance cycling at the same time! But the experimentation still continues…

I’ve played guitar my whole life, and I’m (currently not so successfully) learning to play drums. Generally speaking if I’m not programming, or writing I like to be outside, or doing something tactile. And one day I’ll have my own wood and metal-work shed.

What next?

Thanks for visiting, if you’d like to jump in and learn more about Cloud Native take a look at the start here page. And don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter

Speak soon Cloud Native friend!