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1. Developer skills / productivity

Stoicism: A software developers guide.

An inside look at my favourite apps

How ancient greek philosophy will make you a better developer

A software developers biggest investment

What the hell is “The socratic method” and why as a developer you should care

Debug with the scientific method and preserve your sanity

A simple strategy for staying calm under pressure

What my life’s most terrifying event taught me about leadership

Enable strong conversation with 3 versatile metaphors

5 ways to get more out of your non-fiction reading

How to build resilience and master your emotional responses

How using metaphors saved my bacon

2. Teams, Leadership & Agile

Does your agile team have a “learning disability”?

Agile is the ability to change, not just the ability to ship

The importance of trust in software teams for disaster avoidance

3. Developer Careers

Creating a powerful online presence with a platform

Plot twist! Your portfolio is not about you …

Why “Should you build your portfolio with code or a template?” is the wrong question

The best software developers write, you should too

Why learning a new framework could damage your career.

Overcome the fear of selling yourself

5 steps to bulletproof behavioural interview prep

The Importance Of The Developer Portfolio

Becoming an irreplaceable junior software developer

One short exercise that will 10x your employability as a software developer

4. Misc

3 practical steps to self-documenting code