The Daily Stoic: 366 meditations on wisdom, perserverance, and the art of living

For those not aware, Stoicism is an ancient philosophy. It is where the word ‘Stoic’ originates in popular culture. The meaning of the word is different from the practices of the philosophy, though.
The philosophy originates from ancient letters. Sent either to others or written to the philosophers themselves. The letters are notes on wisdom and how to live and persevere. They serve as reminders to the writers on where to focus their energy and their focus to live a life of purpose.

What the hell is “The socratic method” and why as a developer you should care

Teaching is a lesser flexed muscle of the software developer. Yet, being a strong teacher can enable a strong team and a strong career.

As software developers, we’re always teaching each other. It’s a core part of what we do. Yet, most developers get little formal training in areas outside of software developing. Most developers wouldn’t think to read a book on teaching to improve their career. But, doing just that could make some profound changes to your career and your team. 

The truth about successful Agile: The secret is the technology.

With a lot of emphasis on agile process, we forget the real essence of what agile is: the software.

Implementing scrum, kanban and working in sprints can be a great way to deliver software. But this is optimising only on the surface, operating on what we can see. Most companies still fail to become agile as they do not address the agility of the software itself.

The importance of trust in software teams for disaster avoidance

When a junior developer destroys a production database on his first day it highlights just how essential trust is in software teams

Trust is the foundation of an effective software team. A team that is empowered and trusted is more likely to speak up and address pervasive technical issues that could threaten disaster for a company. 


As software developers – leadership is important for bringing about change and influencing and supporting those around you.

Tribes is an empowering book about leadership and spreading your message that applies to anyone, but also to software developers.

Whilst editorially choppy at times, tribes has an empowering message – that we all have a story to tell and that we owe it to the world to tell our story.

For software developers – this is relevant if you want to create a following, or even create influence within your current business.

A software developers guide to quitting your job

The time will come to quit your job - make sure you do it right.

Quitting a job can be a delicate time, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about it. However, it can be an opportunity to strengthen relationships with your employer, by providing feedback and helping them to understand your reasoning to leave.

How to build resilience and master your emotional responses

Being in control of your emotions and your reactions to situations is crucial as a team member and as a leader.

As software developers we don’t take a lot of interest in our own “emotions” and we often neglect how much they have the ability to improve or detriment our careers.